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Mantra Machine is a software emulation of the famous Buddha Machine, created by the ambient duo FM3.

Basically, it continuously plays an audio loop (or "drone"), until the listener switches to another one. With its atmospheric mood, it can be used as a background for relaxation, meditation or any other activity that requires a quiet mind, or it can be used as a musical instrument, routing its output to an effect processor and further modifying the drones played.

The software has two versions: a portable Java Edition, written with Processing, and a Linux specific version, written in C++ and using the powerful JACK audio server to process audio. The latter can be used as a musical instrument together with other software, while the former is perfect for relaxation and to pass the output through hardware effect processors.

This first version of the software features three drones set: two from the original Buddha Machine hardware, by FM3, and one created exclusively for this software by Valerio Orlandini, an Italian ambient musician which is also the creator of the software.

All the audio loops are licensed under Creative Commons (ShareAlike - NonCommercial - Derivatives), so you can use them in your music as long as you release it with the same license and do not directly earn money from it. The software itself is licensed under GPL version 3.






Source code

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Java Edition on Kubuntu 10.10





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